Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: Smartsignz reserve the right charge a £25 admin fee for any artwork that doesn’t proceed to print within 30 days of the 1st proof. Acceptance of the quotation is acceptance of the admin levy.  All prices quoted are in agreement with Smartsignz Terms and Conditions, subject to sight of supplied artwork and exclusive of VAT (if applicable).

Registered Office: Unit 5 Bridge Street Industrial Estate, Tredegar, NP22 4LA

Company registration number 9339289 VAT Reg No 281109029




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Working with Smartsignz

  • We only accept orders or instructions to complete work on the understanding that our clients have read and understood our Terms & Conditions.
  • Firm and accurate quotations will be provided and confirmed by e-mail or in the form of a hard copy quotation.
  • We may request that you pay a fee up front in the form of a deposit or commitment to proceed with a job. In such instances the fee paid will be deducted from the cost of the job at the final invoice stage.
  • We will apply a minimum charge of £20 +vat for all jobs. This is to cover the time that our designers and print staff will require to set-up and complete a job, no matter how small. The charge will also cover any set-up materials and the materials that will be required to complete the job
  • Prior to us printing or manufacturing your design or print, we will require a formal sign-off of the artwork. Under no circumstances will we accept responsibility or liability for any mistakes noted following client authorisation. In the event that a re-print is required, then then both the initial print cost and any subsequent re-print costs, including any additional associated expenses, will be fully chargeable. We will not proceed with production until the artwork is signed off. Please be aware of this as it may impact on your completion date. In the event that we generate any form of print, graphics or signage using customer supplied artwork, we will not be responsible for the content, colour or scale of the resulting product.
  • Regardless of value, any invoice that remains outstanding after manufacture and fitting or delivery will be pursued through legal means if necessary if left unpaid after 30 days. Any legal fees will also be charged to the customer and we reserve the right to charge interest on late payments as per the current Banking Regulations




  • The lead time for the manufacture of large format print will typically be in excess of two days. For wet inks it is imperative that the solvents in the ink have time to evaporate fully to ensure that the ink is fully cured. Failure to do so could affect the future quality of the product, especially if the print is then laminated or encapsulated. In the event that we are instructed to print and finish products in a shorter period to achieve a client deadline, we will not accept any future liability or provide any guarantee with regards to the product quality.
  • For all signage and where appropriate, we will wrap the graphic over the perimeter edge of the substrate material. This helps ensure that the printed image conceals the board edges and reduces the risk of vinyl shrinkage. If you require anything different please let us know.
  • When manufacturing our banners we will also hem the perimeter. This helps to provide a sturdy and strong edge in which the eyelets can be fitted. Again if you require anything else please let us know.
  • We only use the highest grade premium branded materials, our pricing reflects the quality of these products. Our vinyl materials carry a manufacturer’s guarantee of between 3 and 7 years depending on the product.
  • We make sure that during our manufacturing process, we do everything to ensure that the product you receive has been produced to the best of our ability. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with what we have done, then you should inform us in writing within 7 days. For vehicle graphics we request that the vehicle be returned within 72 hours. We will then investigate and strive to resolve the matter promptly.   



  • To achieve the best possible results, we require that any surface to which we are to apply adhesive graphics, to be clean and free of dust and dirt. This is the responsibility of the customer and should be completed prior to us arriving on site.
  • Where we have quoted for the removal of graphics, this will be based on an estimated time following the visual inspection carried out during the site survey. However, if we have to remove any old graphics, wash or clean any surfaces, then we will invoice you at our normal hourly rate of £20 per hour & vat as well the cost for any materials used
  • Prior to the application of our graphics and as part of the install process, our fitter will wipe the immediate surface with a degreasing agent to ensure the graphics achieve maximum adhesion. During any removal, cleaning or application process we will not be responsible for damage to any substrate materials or surfaces accidental or otherwise.
  • In order to ensure the health & safety of our fitters, all external installation work will be subject to the local weather conditions. High wind or rain may impact on the planned installation date, which may ultimately have to be re-scheduled. Whilst there will be no additional cost to our customers, we will not be responsible for any consequential loss.
  • In the application of window frosting, we will occasionally use water to assist in the application process. Immediately following the application, the graphic will have the appearance of having a milky and patchy effect. We assure you that this is only temporary, as the water dries out over the course of a few days, the true frosted effect will be revealed.
  • Planning Permission may be required for the erection of external signage and you should consult the relevant department within your local authority.